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Sometimes a Picture Is NOT Worth a Thousand Words

An estimated 20% of Physical Therapists still use photocopied or even hand-drawn exercise routines.


The result is that patients don't understand their exercises, so they don't do them. And they don't recover. 


Morphose is changing all that.


See what people are saying:

“Morphose's animations make it easy for me to stick to my PT plan and motivates me to the do the exercises more regularly. It’s just what I need to recover and get me back on the trails and slopes!”

-Julie L., patient


Benefits of the Morphose

Home Exercise Program

3d Animations Let Them See Exercises from Every Angle

Photos only show a snapshot. Video is better. But most expensive video-based HEPs only show movement from one angle. Morphose beats them all. 3d animation allows you to zoom in, zoom out, and rotate to any angle you can imagine. The animations play on a loop, so they can be viewed hands-free. With Morphose, it's like you're right there with them on the living room floor.

Better Understanding = Better Adherence = Better Outcomes

Physical Therapy is one of the most effective medical interventions we know about...when patients adhere to their routines, that is. But an estimated 50% of patients don't do their exercises. That impacts patient outcomes. Any PT serious about improving outcomes has to be serious about reducing barriers to adherence. That's why we built Morphose. When patients understand their exercises, they're more likely to do them. That means they're more likely to recover quickly, safely, and completely.

Create Custom Home Exercise Programs In Minutes

No more stick figures and photocopied exercise routines. Building a custom home exercise routine takes less than two minutes. Choose from an ever-growing library of over 800 exercises. Create routines just like you used to on paper...but better and faster. Create and save favorite routines. All of this saves you precious minutes on each appointment.

Built for Physical Therapists By Physical Therapists

We're Physical Therapists first and software people second. But what we lack in massive marketing budgets, we more than make up for in real-world experience. Unlike the big guys, we genuinely want your feedback. We want your help in co-creating our product. We share your commitment to giving patients the best possible care. Read our story down at the bottom if you have a minute.

Interactive 3d

Build routines in seconds. Choose from over 800 exercises rendered in 3d so you can zoom in, zoom out, and see exercises from every angle. Add reps, sets, notes. Just like you’d do on paper... but better.

Built in Messaging

HIPAA-Compliant. If patients have questions regarding their exercises, they can simply send you a message. You can send patients messages, too. Cuts down on phone tag and improve compliance.

Built in Feedback

Collect feedback on up to 10 custom measures. Ask about pain levels on the day of and the day after. Ask about difficulty level and fatigue. Whatever you need to know to program intelligently.

Use On Any Device

Morphose is a web-based application which means that you can create routines from your desktop, tablet, or phone. It also means that your patients can view their exercises from their favorite device, too.

+ many more
Morphose Costs Just $35 Per Therapist Per Month

That's less than the water cooler in the hallway of your office and about 1/3 the cost of our competitors...but if you act quickly, you can get it free today.


By the Summer of 2015, Joe had had enough. He was recovering from his second neck surgery and desperate to get back to 100%. He needed a great Physical Therapist. Enter: John. The two formulated a plan to put Joe back together again. 


At the end of their first appointment, John handed Joe a stack of photocopied pictures of all his exercises. He explained each of them. Joe understood. The next day Joe pulled out the stack of photocopied pictures, already wrinkled and stained with coffee, and started to work. 

And, well...the picture below is what he found...


"This doesn't tell me anything!" he grumbled to himself.

Frustrated, confused, but also slightly amused, he tossed the stack of papers aside. Not wanting to risk it, he resigned himself to just asking John at his next week. 

When John walked into the exam room for their appointment and asked, “How’d your exercises go,” Joe let him have it. It was all in good fun, no curse words were exchanged. 


Like a good practitioner, John listened and let him finish. And when it was his turn to speak, looking deflated and feeling a little guilty, he said... “Ya, know, Joe. I’ve said the same thing to myself a thousand times. There has just got to be a better way.”

...and Morphose was born.

The two formed a friendship and then a partnership. They spent long nights in John’s office in front of a whiteboard. They researched everything on the market. Nothing solved the core problem.


Then it hit them: 3D animation. That’s the ultimate fix. They ran with it. They sought out the best in the field - the guys who worked on King Kong and Happy Feet - and hopped a flight to Seattle.

John spent 30 hours that weekend in a black, spandex suit with the little white balls all over it. He demonstrated thousands of exercises, a feat that left even the ultra-marathoner icing his knees back in his hotel room at night. 

...and then the real work started.

They spent fifteen hours a week for an entire year editing and polishing every movement until it reached John’s impossibly high standards. They invested over a quarter million dollars of their own money into building the software and the company...


And now, they want to share it with you...For free.

We’re looking for 100 Physical Therapists that hold patient outcomes paramount to help us co-create the best home exercise program on the market.


There are no strings attached. There are no catches.  We don’t want anything from you. Other than your insight, that is. Oh, and your email address. You don’t even need to put down a credit card. 


Just fill out the form below to join us today.

Thanks for checking us out,

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