An Interactive 3D-based

Home Exercise Program.


Built by Physical Therapists,

for Physical Therapists.  

Morphose Exercise Systems enables physical therapists to efficiently create and share customized exercise programs, utilizing 3D motion capture technology. With patient messaging and real-time progress reporting, Morphose serves to dramatically improve patient comprehension, communication, and outcomes.

Frustrated by the limitations of existing physical therapy technology, Morphose founders designed a revolutionary home exercise program so that therapists can quickly create and share interactive 3D exercise routines with their patients. Clear, customized exercise routines increase motivation levels and improve outcomes and patient adherence. With Morphose, therapists can be confident that when their patients go home they have the tools and information they need to achieve their therapeutic goals.


Easily monitor your patient’s progress through standardized and custom metric tracking. No longer be surprised by patient feedback at appointment time. Optionally, therapists and patients can communicate between appointments using the program’s direct messaging, reducing time on the phone and the need to squeeze in unplanned office visits. Morphose’s real time reporting and communication tools increase patient retention and fast-track patient progress.


Using the Morphose home exercise program, therapists can select from a PROFESSIONAL library of exercises for all body regions and positions to create and save customized routines quickly and easily. At home, patients can view and interact with their custom 3D exercise routine, maximizing their treatment productivity.

Try for 30 days, then only $35 (USD) per month.  

“Before Morphose, I photocopied exercise sheets I worried my clients would never use. The app’s 3D animations (created by capturing the movements of live models) are extremely accurate and engaging…and easily accessible on mobile devices. This is an excellent service to provide my patients and we are seeing results!”



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