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Aching back? Stiff neck?

We help you feel better, fast.

Morphose Exercise Systems offers on-demand exercises developed by physical therapists: for anyone, from anywhere.

Thanks for joining our friends and family beta test!

Morphose Exercise Systems is currently in test format. All routines are best viewed on desktop or laptop (native app for phone coming soon).

Please select ONE of the below routines to try in our beta round. Thank you!

finger oppositions (1).png

Create your own CUSTOM routine

Do you have a nagging chronic pain that doesn't ever seem to fully go away? Answer a few questions and receive a custom routine for any area of the body sent straight to your inbox.  

shoulder scaption supine.png

Less Stress = Better Sleep

Let's face it -- stress is a huge factor keeping us up at night. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, these relaxation exercises are specifically designed to help relax your muscles and mind all at once. 

Cervical Median Nerve Glide Sitting (1).png

Release Neck Tension

Sitting all day in front of a screen takes a toll on your neck, creating knots and an overall stiff feeling. Left unaddressed, neck pain can impact your comfort level while walking, exercising, or sleeping. Try this Neck Release Routine 3x a week and combat the impact that Zoom has on your well-being. 

plyo hop.png

Get Smart With Strength

If you're a runner, cyclist, or pickle ball player, you're likely favoring one side over another. (For most of us, it's the right side). Over time, one-sided dominance across multiple sports can cause chronic pain or even injury. Use the Strength Set Routine at least 2x a week to maintain longevity.

Box Jump Forward.png

Run Faster

If you live to run, you know that feeling of despair that comes when an injury keeps you away from the trail or treadmill. For lifelong runners, strength, stability, and flexibility are just as important as miles. The Run For Life Routine, done 3x a week, gives you the essential exercises to prevent injury.    

Why physical therapy? And why Morphose?

Physical therapy (PT) treats injury or pain through exercise and education. No drugs. No surgery.

These days, our bodies are more stiff and stressed than ever. (Hello, pandemic!) Yet it can be difficult to find and make an appointment with a PT and get the necessary exercises to ease your pain.

Morphose is the world's first fully-virtual physical therapy company offering people access to an easy to use, animated, 3D exercise library with 800+ exercises designed by physical therapists specifically to treat common ailments such as:

  • Stiff neck

  • Zoom fatigue

  • IT band syndrome

  • Lower back pain

  • Tennis elbow

  • Shoulder pain and dislocation

  • Ankle instability

  • Pelvic instability

  • Knee pain

No more YouTube searches to find something that works. If you need a custom routine, simply complete our intake form, and you'll get a set of exercises for your specific problem delivered straight to your inbox. Or, try one of our pre-made routines for stress reduction, strength, neck release, or running.

Get involved

Morphose currently exists only in beta as a web-based platform with email delivery. 


But we have big dreams.

While this site offers a way for you to access over 800 animated, interactive exercises, we're actively working to create a mobile native app, meaning you'll be able to get exercises and connect for virtual visits with the tap of a button from your phone.

We're actively fundraising to support a native app launch in 2022. If you have ideas or ways you can support us, please email

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